Duration of the partnership

From 2000 until today

The University of Padua is one of the oldest and best in the world. The collaboration with reMedia has been established for the design of the portal that is dedicated to internships and job offers for the students.


During an initial phase of the collaboration, a portal was created that later has been renovated, by including more functionalities with the aim to simplify and improve its usability.

The current online portal was entirely created ad hoc with .Net for the API part and with Angular2 for the frontend part. It aggregates 4 previously separated portals (internships in Italy, internships abroad, job offers in Italy, job offers abroad) and is used by students, administrative operators and companies, offering different functionalities, depending on the user.

One of the key aspects in the realization of this project was certainly the friendly and extremely intuitive UX, which led to a simplification of the processes for all the users of the platform. Moreover, thanks to the integration with the SSO (Shibboleth) system of UniPD, the students can access the portal with the same credentials they use for other university services and career data is automatically imported.

The expertise of reMedia in development has led to the creation of a portal that is perfectly integrated with existing systems within the University, adding new features and simplifying the current ones.