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About us

About us

We are teams of people creating memorable digital experiences

We are mirrored in the power of "Me, We," the shortest poem ever, by Cassius Clay, a way of saying that we are all one, something unique, that the actions of individuals affect everyone.

We are Digital Experience Makers

Remote working for those who prefer it
Average seniority of reMedians
Of reMedians are parents
Of reMedians are graduates
Babies born since 1999

Our mission

Create value for the customer and find ways to obtain a fair share of that value.

Our values

Defining corporate values and, above all, following them is very important. They guide us and help maintain a community and work environment of integrity, health and transparency.


Respect for standards, honesty and mutual help are three founding values that contribute to the integrity of our company.


We attach great importance to merit, i.e. we value and reward talent that proves to be more productive and willing to learn.

We do not play favouritism, we promote cultural diversity in the company, adopt inclusive policies and ensure equal opportunities for all to grow.

Team work

We put the work of groups of people before that of individuals. In other words, we recognise the value of all members of a team, we favour collaboration, dialogue and the idea that only through confrontation can brilliant and innovative solutions be found.

Customer satisfaction

We declare our commitment to meeting customers' needs. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent products and services and to doing our best to meet their needs by resolving any problems promptly.