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“Me, we”

Cassius Clay uttered these lines in front of students on an American campus: the shortest poem ever.

We reflect ourselves in the power of those lines, a way of saying that we are all one, something unique, that the actions of individuals affect everyone.


Digital culture is our DNA in which are contained all the instructions necessary for a digital cell to perform its functions.

We started from Calvino's American Lessons: lightness, speed, exactness, visibility, multiplicity and coherence.

That was 1999: since then we have lived through many Internet generations and contributed to the digital growth of all our people and customers.

Our startup

We are also committed to developing innovative projects that can find a place in emerging markets.

This is how we started pod.camp a now leading PMS in the outdoor tourism market, which has been undergoing a spin-off and then an exit since December 2022.

Also in our startup portfolio are JOY Delivery, an ecosystem for delivering closed markets, and APlaceInTheSun, a crossdevice app for managing beaches and moorings.

we Make

We create digital experiences using reference technology stacks to enable ideal designs and journeys for each project that we then follow from an organic and inorganic perspective.



We develop business apps that consume services provided by headless CMS and headless ecommerce with a strong specialisation in hybrid technology.

  • iOS
  • Android
Digital Product Design

Digital Product Design.

Each of our projects starts with a UI and UX study built on the defined information architecture.

  • UX UI Design
Web e creative design
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing.

Marketing Automation and CRM Strategy, Brand & Content Creation, AI and Data Driven Marketing, Digital Analytics, Brand Strategy, Paid Media, PR and Influence: we enable the right digital technologies to make companies stand out in the online marketplace.

  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • marketing automation
  • Social Network
  • google adv
  • meta adv
Cloud Development

Cloud Development.

We develop cloud-native application architectures from scratch or drastically refactor existing code to ensure the accessibility, scalability and flexibility of our applications. We have long been part of the API economy.

  • coding
  • headless cms
  • AWS cognito
  • react
  • aws lambda
  • typescript
  • aws s3
  • aws sam
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • Next.js
  • algolia
  • agile
  • iot


We help companies move from full outsourcing to insourcing through hybrid outsourcing. We are strong in headless ecommerce based projects.

  • woocommerce
  • Shopify

we Project

We put the spotlight on some of our latest projects that have a special and unique story to tell, one of excellence and passion.

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  • Digital Product Design


Explore the new Sogni site: where food, music and friendship come together in a unique experience!
  • Digital Product Design

Torre Rinalda

A new website for Torre Rinalda, a 4-star campground located on the Salento Sea
Torre Rinalda
  • E-Commerce
  • Cloud Development
  • App
  • Digital Marketing

edulia Masterclass

From Treccani's knowledge the e-learning platform for one of Europe's most promising EdTech start-ups.
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edulia Masterclass
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Product Design


The multilingual B2B corporate website of the renowned multinational Emmegi Heat Exchangers.
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our Clients

Our customer relationships are marked by a longevity that is not typical in the digital marketplace. Here are some brands with which we have a fond relationship.

Collegio MazzaCollegio Mazza
Gioielleria AlbaneseGioielleria Albanese
Gioielleria ItalianaGioielleria Italiana
Golden GooseGolden Goose
Ideal StandardIdeal Standard
Registro Italiano MiuraRegistro Italiano Miura
Sleep & RhythmSleep & Rhythm
Soul KSoul K
Università di PadovaUniversità di Padova
Venezia AirportVenezia Airport

we Hire

A man says to a circus director, "I would like to work in your circus."

The director then asks him, "What can you do?"

The man replies, "I can imitate birds."

The director replies that he doesn't care; lots of people can imitate birds.

The man says nothing: he opens the window and flies away.

This little story, coming from Shtisel, would not have happened in reMedia....

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we Host

Are you a freelancer and need a coworking space?

If you are talented in digital but want to maintain your autonomy reMedia offers the right space for you. We are sure that some great synergies will be born as well.

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