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Digital 360 strategy for the first 5-star campsite in Italy. 

Twenty years of collaboration, the shared vision and synergy with the Union Lido team led us to redesign the website’s architecture and design. 

A challenging assignment: to give a new visual identity to the first 5-star campsite in Italy, continues evolving and is always a precursor of essential innovations in the sector. 

We, therefore, had to reflect this strong “personality” offline also online. 

The UX and UI Design team worked closely with the Analyst team to study user behaviour. We have outlined the User personas and their browsing preferences from the in-depth analyses: a growing trend of mobile visits has emerged with consequent new bookings. However, desktop browsing proved to be the primary source of conversions. 

Based on these and further analyses, we reviewed the entire content architecture, starting with a mobile-first design that would facilitate navigation. 

The result is a completely renewed website, characterized by a strong graphic connotation in which visual storytelling is the protagonist. 

We have introduced full-screen emotional videos that allow the user to experience Union Lido through a PC screen. 

UL Originals is the additional element that crowns emotional storytelling: real stories of people who experience Union Lido every year, who have grown up among the pitches, lodging and amusement parks of this large, starred campsite. 

Union Lido products find a completely new location on the new site. 

“The first themed campsite in Europe” is the new Union Lido payoff and, the big news for 2020 was the introduction to the catalogue of new thematic holidays. Classic Camp, Speedy Camp, Dog Camp and Timeless Camp represent a real innovation in the outdoor tourism sector. 

With this in mind, we have reviewed the presentation of all the products within site: individual pitches and resources and thematic navigation that faithfully represents the novelty of the accommodation. 

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