Discount Codes

Duration of the partnership
from February 2019 until today

PiùCodiciSconto is a website that collects discount codes and diverse kinds of offers. It is a free and innovative service that has been an enormous success right from the start. However, at the same time, it needs continuous updates to keep up with new technologies, and in this reMedia it has been able to be the perfect partner. 

The restyling of the site and the complete refactoring of the digital ecosystem are underway. 


The app for Android and iOS was developed with Flutter, the new Google framework, and integrates perfectly with the proprietary CMS of PiùCodiciSconto. The user account and all information are transmitted to the app in real-time by the internal CMS, giving the user a cross-platform experience. 

Thanks to the integration with Woopra, the app becomes more and more immersive by offering the user discounts related to their interests, tracked thanks to the activities carried out in the application itself.