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Duration of the partnership
from 2018 until today

Soul Kitchen is an innovative catering system dedicated to restaurants and bars. Thanks to an online ordering platform, restaurant owners can order products for the next day directly from home or work or schedule deliveries for the following week. Prepared or semi-processed products allow chefs to reduce their processing times and always have ready and tasty courses for their customers.

An original and highly successful idea to which reMedia could not help but contribute. Our collaboration began in 2018 with the designing from scratch of the platform that today manages online orders and that integrates flawlessly with NetSuite, the company’s internal management software.

Thanks to our expertise in Magento, we have customized the e-commerce functionalities so that it can adapt to the peculiarities of this business and integrate with NetSuite, from which it receives useful information in real time.

Currently Soul Kitchen offers its service in Milan, but in the future it could serve other cities too. 

Soul Kitchen food
Soul Kitchen food


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