Duration of partnership
since 2016

Sleep and Rhythm in Medicine is a research group of the University of Padua. This Group of researchers investigates all aspects inherent to sleep, both from a physiological and psychological perspective. Therefore, a team of doctors, psychologists, and biologists gave life to this project that boasts research carried out worldwide. 

Within this research group, a project concerning the health of students’ sleep was born: a research project that aims to educate students to have a quality sleep to increase their academic performance. The aim is to collect as many testimonials as possible to improve the advice provided from time to time. 

It is at this stage that the collaboration with reMedia comes into play.  

We created a website where every student at the University of Padua could try the project, receive valuable advice on sleep to improve their performance, and collect their feedback. 

Thanks to the expertise of reMedia in the UX design field, a WordPress platform has been created that interfaces directly with Shibboleth (the internal system of the University of Padua) allowing students to log in with their university credentials without the need to enter further information… 

reMedia, therefore, makes its skills available for research, contributing to a much faster and more linear advancement of this significant international project.