Duration of the partnership
from the first semester of 2018 until today

Born in Mestre in 2000, Golden Goose has had the foresight to enter the luxury sneakers sector. In a few years, it has managed to stand out globally in the fashion world, thanks to the strong connection with the Italian tailoring tradition. 

Attention to detail, an exceptional selection of materials and a strong vocation towards customization are the successful features of this brand. In just a few years, Golden Goose has created a complete lifestyle for its customers that moves beyond the simple product aspect; it applies to different touchpoints: from the physical store to the company website, to the Golden Passport app. 

Moreover, this is precisely the need that led Golden Goose to turn to reMedia: bringing on the web the exclusive experience related to the brand. Therefore, we put our UX and development skills into play to create premium content that could satisfy a target’s demand that always gets the best. 



Thanks to the previously gained experience, we operated directly in the CMS selected by the brand: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, creating strategic and emotional guidelines that would provide greater flexibility in the product storytelling. In this way, the sartorial vein of the brand could emerge even within the pre-structured CMS templates. Complete customization has allowed the brand to fully express the collections’ core values and the inspiration behind them. 



For Android and iOS devices, Golden Passport was created by reMedia in collaboration with the Dutch High Street Mobile.

In this case, the competitive advantage of reMedia was knowing how to fit into an international team by breaking free from the rules imposed by a too rigid CMS and developing ad hoc solutions.

Among these, we can mention:

The Travel Guide section, much more than a simple guide, a real editorial, collector of premium contents combined with collection look books;

The Store Locator section gathers of all the Golden Goose stores in the world. Every single store allows viewing images, direct contacts, and opening hours. 



The innovation is not only a benefit to the user but also to the operators in the physical stores. In fact, we have also developed a dashboard for managing and scheduling appointments that can be used by all stores around the world to book the LAB, an experiential laboratory in which a digital craftsman can customize the sneakers. The dashboard is directly connected to the Golden Goose CRM, to provide key marketing information.

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