Partnership duration
Since 2014 

The perfect kitchen system exists. It’s called Franke.

Global leader in the residential kitchen and bathroom products and solutions sector, professional level food services, coffee systems, public and commercial lavatories, Franke has always blended technological excellence with quality production, together with a corporate social responsibility focused on environmental friendliness.

The relationship between reMedia and Franke Italia starts in 2006. In a brief period of time the results achieved allow us to relate directly to Franke Group. The ongoing collaboration is strongly marked by the idea that digital innovation is an inherent part of modernization in the business world, even more so that of the leading Group in the industry.

The long lasting and ongoing sharing of information and experience, has allowed us to find efficient solutions to many of the Group’s business needs and more.


Franke E-Catalogue Collection 2017

The best way to express an idea is to bring it to life. That’s why we have developed an effective sales support medium focused on the user and his experience.

Immersive and interactive, the Franke e-catalogue allows the consumer to virtually live multiple solutions offered by the brand, thanks to a multifaceted set of features that expand the product experience. Ranging from emotionally engaging videos and photos, to technical information, the digital catalogue for iPad guides the user’s choice through an enticing exploration flow.

corporate blog

The Group’s digital voice, the result of a precise analysis on the users’ behavior flow.

A content system designed and developed with the goal of creating a B2C trust relationship by publishing articles that can arouse potential clients’ interest, through a cross-cutting strategy.

The goal of the editorial project is in fact to intercept the highest number of users by bringing to their attention themes related to the product’s use and in line with the brand’s core values: from cutting edge technology to designer trends, all through the evolution of already iconic ranges.

Not only cuisine and unique recipes, but stories and ideas relates to various worlds: from design to lifestyle, via technology and travel, sometimes presented by exceptional brand ambassador.

app franke museum

Where there’s a company culture, there’s a story to tell. But how can one present the past with a gaze towards the future? With an App, certainly.

App Franke Museum is what we have created to mark the anniversary of 107 years of activity and in conjunction with the opening of an exhibition hall inside the headquarters in Aarburg dedicated to the evolution of the Group.

Intended for the use of visitors and collaborators alike, the Franke Museum App is designed to generate a high engagement rate, through video, photo and other multimedia elements. An interactive guide that offers to the ones consulting it the possibility to live an immersive experience in the Franke world, exploring it as they please and discovering new people and ideas, values and vision, challenges and achievements.

ONE PIM Platform

Data is strategical to all businesses. Thanks to product records management tools it’s possible to centralize all product information and make it available in an efficient way.

The ONE PIM platform designed by the Franke Group aims to optimize product management and sales processes for all Divisions, allowing for the integration of more venues or headquarters, carrying out more marketing activities, orchestrating the oversee of each country so that it can express the peculiarities of its own culture.

The information generated today feeds all of the Group’s websites, in their respective language, just like the printed catalogues and the blog.

An articulated project, open to future evolution. Like for instance the creation of a products’ feed that supports Google Shopping and dynamic remarketing campaigns managed by the Google Marchant Center platform.

app my menu

Scheduling an oven to cook a full menu from a distance? That’s how the Internet of Things project was born in 2012, bringing us together with Franke for the development of the App MyMenu.

A state-of-the-art App, that included a cookbook containing the oven’s settings instructions, based on ingredients and servings. But also, a social tool: once a personalized recipe was created, the user could share it one Facebook.