Experience Gift

Partnership duration
Since 2009

The formula: passion, innovation, folly, curiosity and a vocation for out of the ordinary challenges.

These are the words that best capture the spirit of the 7-year collaboration between reMedia and Wish Days, an Italian born company that has taken a leading role in the gift experiences, incentivization, tourism, prepaid services and gifting industry.

We have worked with Emozione3 since its early days, embarking on an exciting adventure that has seen us building a custom-made digital platform for managing all business processes, from logistics to the management of offline and online sales channels.

Together we have given life to new navigation experiences for both Emozione3’s clients, as for internal users and suppliers, optimizing and simplifying the operative management process.

In 2016 the company was bought by Smartbox, the number 1 company in Europe in the gift experiences industry, that has in turn become our client.