Biasuzzi Turismo

Outdoor Tourism

Partnership duration
Since 2016 

Nature is generous with man. But one must know how to appreciate it, gracefully expanding its potential.

It’s the case of Biasuzzi Tourism, a leading figure in the open-air tourism sector in the Adriatic. Owner of Bi Holiday, that operates both in Italy and Croatia, Villaggio San Francesco Holiday Center in Caorle and Bi Village Holiday Center in Istria respectively, has an incoming total number of 1.5 million guests each year.

The collaboration with reMedia started in 2016 with the redesigning of the digital identity of Bi Holiday and of the two accommodation establishments and still lives on, in a synergic relationship based on mutual understanding, orientated towards reaching goals targeted at an international audience.

From design, to implementation, maintenance and website promotion to the management of social networks and the creation of promotional catalogues and exhibition stalls, our undertaking is daily, guided by a precise vision: creating a multichannel communication that enables the identity of each facility to emerge, while at the same time allows for it to be traced back to the composite group it belongs to.